Pave a clear path

De-cluttering is an essential productivity tool. Remove the clutter so that you can see the path ahead. Live with clutter and you live with obstacles. Highly productive people de-clutter quickly emotionally, psychologically and physically.

It’s time to pave the way to success by spring-cleaning the clutter in your life. When heading in a valued direction, you need to clear the path. Like a pregnant woman who knows the baby is coming and spring-cleans the house, we too need to go through every area of life to get sorted to make life easier.

As we move in a value based direction we need to make sure that the path is as smooth as possible and that the environment is right. Getting really organised is paramount. When there is an obstacle in your way, you have to go around it, climb over it, go under it or move it — all productivity suckers. We need to identify the physical and mental clutter and remove it once and for all.

Once the clutter is out of mind and sight we can think, see and act more clearly. Have you had clutter in your life and said, “I’ll get to that someday?” Well today is that day — make a de-clutter list now:

My De-clutter List

Remember — don’t move to item number two until you have completely finished item one. Productive people are great finishers.

And one more reason to de-clutter quickly is so that we don’t allow the de-cluttering exercise to become an excuse to procrastinate. Start with something small. De-cluttering a drawer or your desk is fairly simple, instantly effective and rewarding. You’ll easily become hooked on de-cluttering your life! De-clutter quickly so you can get onto the things that really matter — clutter free!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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