Commit to taking responsibility

The power of personal promise and commitment are the foundations of fulfilment. When we learn to reject our excuses we then commit to a life that rocks!

There are three parts to commitment:

1. Responsibility — no excuses
2. Clarity — clear focus
3. Productivity — do what matters

Commitment Model

It’s the responsibility piece we have to get right first. We sometimes work hard at finding clarity and being productive without really taking responsibility and often wonder why we fail. Responsibility is the essential building block that keeps our commitment strong.

My biggest cringe is excuses. That’s for excuses I make and that others make too. I guess you might say I have an ‘excuse radar’ that I use on myself and others all the time. This radar helps me identify excuses so they don’t sabotage attempts at success.

Many decide what they want in life but then seem to break into two groups:
1. Those who decide, but don’t take responsibility
2. Those who decide, then commit and take responsibility

It’s not about working harder or longer (as we all know where that leaves us); it’s about committing to the life you decide you want.
• Commit to taking responsibility — reject excuses.
• Commit to staying focused — find clarity.
• Commit to being productive — get things done that matter.
• Commit to a life that rocks — deliver on the promises you make.

Make a daily promise to move your life in a direction aligned with your values – take responsibility and commit!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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