Nothing to prove

Convincers look for agreement or recognition, trying to prove a particular point of view to themselves or to others. And while they are often successful in their convincing, they spend extra time and energy doing so, creating stress for themselves and for others. Convincers gather evidence to promote their case and can come across as pushy with their constant need to get approval and acceptance.

Convincers will often turn up in an environment where a yes is required, by making claims and closing in for an agreement. But often there are underlying factors which cause convincers to act as they do. Some look like they have it all with their upfront and confident exterior. It looks like they are successful, with heaps of money, flashy houses, cars and fabulous holidays, but we often don’t see what is going on in the background. While it may seem that they have it all, they could be going further and further into debt and taking their health and relationships down with them. Many convincers try to keep up appearances to prove that they are worthy and successful, but this facade is unhelpful and often damaging. Making life look different to what’s really going on is the surest path away from fulfilment.

The true wealthy are not convincers and live within their means and start off small (a modest house, a modest car) and they work hard to build their wealth. They don’t try to prove that they are something more than their current reality. When convincers stop trying to keep up with the Joneses and begin to think long and start small, they begin to trust themselves and enjoy the fruits of their labour sooner.

There is a popular saying, “The first sale is always to yourself”. When the convincer stops looking for agreement from others and is first sold themselves, they realise that they have nothing to prove and everything to gain.

Create a new found, more attractive energy — that’s the powerful tipping point where convincing is replaced with conviction.

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Christina Joy