Choose your tribe

Each tribe has certain characteristics — a cultural identity that makes it unique. These are determined by the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of its members.


  • Are you currently part of a tribe?
  • Is the culture right for you?
  • Are you and the tribe a good fit?
  • Does your current tribe inspire you?

In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “A group of people coming together in a state of presence generates a collective energy field of great intensity.”

Take the True Believer tribe for example, it has certain characteristics and expresses its cultural identity in many ways. True Believer tribes have the following characteristics that make them unique.


1.  Show vision and purpose – their why and their what are
2.  Have belief
3.  Display conviction
4.  Commit to their values
5.  Expire the old stuff
6.  Undress their ambition
7.  Feel success in advance
8.  Have an excuse free culture
9.  Expect setbacks
10. Have a growth mindset
11. Accept that non-believers are part of the journey
12. Come together for learning, support, accountability,
contribution and friendship
13. Increase consciousness within themselves and others
14. Have no regrets
15. Create success masterpieces!

And like any tribe, those within it are at different stages of development. Some are well developed, still learning and sharing their wisdom, while others are True Believers in the making — working hard to learn and grow.

You get to choose your tribe.

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