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In business we seek to retain our existing clients and search for ways to attract new ones. But too often we make this more complicated than it needs to be. When we love our work and give extraordinary care to existing clients, their recommendations become an everlasting supply of new clients — providing lifetime fans! Those clients who believe we can solve their problems become lifetime True Believers in business.

What sits behind a well-positioned, profitable and sustainable business — a business that stands out? It’s undeniable that client care is at the top of the list.

After nearly three decades spent in sales and service I know that it is not difficult to stand out with extraordinary client care. In part this is because it’s simple to do, but also because few do it well. Many have a one-transaction mentality. They invest little in their current clients and spread themselves thinly looking for new ones.

Being a stand out is straightforward:

  • Passion shows — do the work you love!
  • Give more than expected — under promise and over deliver
  • Show genuine interest in your client’s business and personal life
  • Delight with acts of kindness by mailing a gift or handwritten card.

Some say, “I don’t have time for extras as I’m flat out looking for more business.” Take the time to get your balance right. If you want more clients then love the ones you have. Your clients’ loyalty to you starts with your loyalty to them. Show them you care and that you will stand out as they shout out about you.

Our clients need our support. Sometimes we are the only True Believers they have. If we look after them many will want to stay with us long term. And I know it’s often because we show we care. I know this is not for everyone, but give me a long-term client relationship over a new one any day. More than 75% of my current business is with repeat clients. When a program is nearing completion I will say something like “Are we still going to keep working together?” Sometimes I say with a smile, “We are not breaking up are we?” We have a laugh, but ultimately if you can continue to solve your clients’ problems better than anyone else and give them great value — believing in their vision — they will stay with you.

Positioning in business with extraordinary client care is that simple — show you care!

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