Having it all is not doing it all

Life is full for most – no arguments there! But why do some find life stressful while others seem to get things done, achieving and living a fulfilled life? The latter know that HAVING IT ALL is not doing it all. This is a key component to success – clever people delegate.

It’s important to recognise problems and solve them quickly. But too often we are doing tasks that could be given to someone else so you can do the things that really matter – the high value tasks.

Over the last few years my practice has outgrown its level of support – not once but twice. On both occasions I made a decision to get help and not risk overwhelm, poor service to my clients and stagnating growth. This meant investing dollars back into the business. What price do you put on reducing stress by getting the help you need so we can focus on things that really matter?

High achievers, living fulfilled lives don’t do it all.

1.     Decide what are high value tasks and focus on these only.
2.     Decide what doesn’t need to be done.
3.     Decide what can be delegated.
4.     Have effective people to delegate to.
5.     Put systems in place to manage all of the above.

Sometimes we think we have lost our mojo, but all we may need is help – help that frees us to focus on what we do best.

Delegate or stagnate – it’s your choice.

The key to HAVING IT ALL is Not DOING It All!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®
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Christina Joy