Go deeper – go where others won’t

You would be surprised at how big an impact you can make by just caring for people on a deeper level and having compassion for them.

Here is my tip to those in business. Save money on fancy, far reaching, expensive, self-promoting marketing campaigns and start connecting with people on a level where others won’t. I think a lot of people have got this balance wrong and this is why our fulfilment levels at work are at an all-time low.

There are many smart, hardworking poor people under immense pressure — unnecessary pressure. This is the missing link for most hard working, unprofitable businesses. If you want to build a unique, sustainable and profitable business that stands out and is fulfilling — one that gets you jumping out of bed every day — build better, deeper relationships.

True Believers have so much compassion and conviction driven by their commitment to help others. And they are already sold on the solutions they provide. They give their best to others with deep care. Their clients don’t need convincing to walk the path with them — their passion sells the solution.

To influence others you first have to be sold yourself. A True Believer is sold — when they turn up others are sold too.

Even in challenging times see the blessings, the opportunities to go deeper and to grow. Here is a message of thanks for the wake-up calls, the rethink, the reconnection and eventually, the unity.

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Christina Joy