Feel your success

Writing down what you want is a powerful and respected success tip, but the words on their own don’t always deliver the desired result. Creating pictures to complement the words are where extraordinary results lie. Success pictures that matter help us to feel success in advance – feeling it in advance is a quality worth having.

There’s a lot of truth to the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, as a picture creates a deep connection — it evokes an emotion and a pull towards the desired outcome. And this feeling can remain long after the written word is read or spoken. Creating pictures of what we want in advance allows us to be in success well before we actually become a success. This fun tool not only fast tracks our achievements but makes the journey all the more fulfilling.

Those who have ever reached a target or a goal but felt surprisingly unfulfilled and lacking motivation, who repeat this same rollercoaster routine for a lifetime, may find success pictures offer a smoother ride.

There are two types of pictures to create:
1. a physical picture — a collage of photos or images of what you want
2. a mental image — imagine with feeling what it is to have already arrived at success.

Living and feeling success in advance means you get to be and enjoy success today. You are not waiting for something to happen or for tomorrow to come — you are connecting with your success right now.

Create a success picture — feel it, be it and live it everyday!

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Christina Joy