Decide what you really want

Time away from work or time on your own is the perfect opportunity to take over the controls and consciously think about what really matters. This is when the autopilot that often gets us through each day can be turned off. Deciding what you really want is the path to a successful life.

Many strive for fulfilment but it often eludes them. Too many hours are spent doing things that don’t light us up. Many spend decades in a job they don’t like. When on autopilot we rarely question what we do or where we are headed and later discover the truth — that we aren’t happy. It’s an all too common story with much unnecessary turbulence!

Once we decide and engage with what’s important we find a greater sense of purpose. Then it’s time to declare what we are going for – to undress our ambition.

Many women don’t declare their ambitions. Men are reaching for opportunities more than women. Sheryl Sandberg — author of Lean In and speaker in the popular TED talk Too Few Women Leadersshares her concerns about women in the workplace. Women are not making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world – they are not leaning in.

The very first step to creating the life you want is to decide what we really want, what really matters because that is where the conviction lies – conviction required to move us from being a passive passenger to taking over the controls, keeping the autopilot turned off and taking an active role in your life-path ahead.

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Christina Joy