Everyone wishes their dreams would come true. Everyone wishes to have as much as possible and for his or her life to improve. Dreamers imagine what it would be like to live the life they want. We all have a lot in common. We basically want similar things from our lives: peace of mind, good health, meaningful and loving relationships, recognition for what we do, and financial freedom so we can have more choices. But this is where the similarity stops. People then divide into two groups:

1. Wishing: People who remain wishing without taking responsibility and action. These are the dreamers.
2. Having: People who take responsibility to make their wishes come true.

The Wishing group says:
• I wish my life were different.
• I wish I had more time and energy to make that happen.
• I wish I had the courage to make the move.
• I was always going to do that.
• One day I’ll get around to doing that.

The Having group says:
• I’ve made a decision to take responsibility for my life.
• I’m clear about the direction I am going in.
• I make quality choices on a daily basis.
• I’m disciplined and productive.
• I’m moving with purpose towards my destination.

Dreamers have vision, but it’s often without action and they remain in the wishing group and don’t realise their dreams. It’s only when they take action to move from wishing to having that they start to transform both their personal and professional life. Those that remain as dreamers, wishful in their thinking and taking no action, can expect life to be the same in 12 months time as it is today.

Be a dreamer that takes action – today and everyday!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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Christina Joy