A True Believers New Year!

So it’s a new year! Ask anyone who has reached a high level of success in their personal or work life and you will hear their stories of effort, courage, persistence and resilience. Their cool, calm and collected exterior may make it all look like it’s been easy but once you hear the back story you know that their journey has had its fair share of bumps in the road.

So how do True Believers make each year an extraordinary success?

• They get on with it rather than just talking about it.
• They get the things done that matter.
• They take responsibility for their life.
• They are focused on a clear path ahead.
• They use their power of belief, conviction and commitment.

The True Believers

True Believers know that their dreams will come true,
They wake grateful each day knowing HOW starts with you.

True Believers think BIG, upwards and higher,
They believe, have conviction, commit and inspire!

True Believers work hard from morn until late,
They juggle so much without drama or complaint.

True Believers give lots – sometimes even too much,
They fight for what’s right with love and a touch.

True Believers stand and have courage to speak,
They create opportunities both bright and unique!

True Believers are your tribe who support you to shine,
True Believers create masterpieces that are truly divine!

There are high achievers who work hard, stay focused and get on with it, but are still not happy — fulfilment escapes them. Getting things done is one thing but getting the things done that really matter is where fulfilment lies. One road to success is ‘achievement’ but the road less travelled is the one of ‘achievement and fulfilment’.

It’s not always an easy road but it does lead to a year that rocks!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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Christina Joy