The company we keep

August 3, 2021

Research shows you can influence your level of motivation. That’s important as motivation greatly determines how we act and our actions determine the life we enjoy. A crucial factor that contributes to our motivation is the company we keep. What motivates you? What gives you that get up and go – the drive, the energy, the stamina and…

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Mind your thoughts

July 29, 2021

By listening to negative self-talk we can sabotage our success, health and relationships. It’s particularly damaging when our thoughts are not in line with reality and we buy into irrational feelings that don’t serve us. We can’t stop thought entering our mind but it’s what we do with our thought that really matters. Working with Leading Women it’s common to…

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Work with people you like

July 21, 2021

Sometimes we think we have lost our mojo, but all we may need is to work or spend time alongside people with similar values and vision who are, best of all, people we like. And like a relay race it becomes a combined effort, creating many benefits by teaming up! In first my book How To Have…

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The indecision zone

July 14, 2021

Life is full of decisions – hundreds every day. And although many are simple, we waste precious minutes by taking more time than necessary to make a decision, which equates to hours of procrastination each year. This self-inflicted delay slows our progress and hinders our fulfilment. The gap between a decision required and a decision made can be costly…

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Gifts of life

July 7, 2021

Wanting something and then making it a reality will dramatically transform both your personal and professional life. The habit of deciding on, planning for and receiving what you want can mean the difference between a mediocre life and the greatest, most fulfilled life. But wishful thinking alone is not enough. These three steps can assist to…

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How to react to failure

June 17, 2021

Any journey to success is about progress. But our progress relies heavily on the way we react to failure. Those that have reached success know it’s all about what you learn from your failures that matters. Thought leader Dr. Jason Fox in his book The Game Changer  helps us to think about motivation, progress and change with strategy and design.…

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Our internal environment

June 9, 2021

As we set out to create the life we want, why does change sometimes seem so difficult? Given there are no guarantees that change will be positive (or even possible) self-doubt and fear can creep in and convince us to bury our ideas. A decision to avoid change is a decision to impede our growth. To…

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Show you care

June 2, 2021

There’s no denying there are many components to creating successful relationships. At the top of the list lies your ability to communicate well but also important is to communicate regularly. Successful relationships, those that are meaningful and sustainable, are built on quality, frequency and consistency. Without these you may be forgotten. Don’t be a stranger!…

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Our reflection

May 26, 2021

Our relationships are a reflection of who we are – our attitude, values and decisions. Those we choose to surround ourselves with have a significant influence on our life. That being the case a great question to ask (and ask often) is “am I surrounded by those who reflect the best possible me?” According to the…

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Stop hiding

May 19, 2021

Being authentic is a very attractive quality but sharing our true selves can leave us feeling exposed. It takes commitment and courage to be genuine. My advice is to embrace your uniqueness, take a risk, stand out and be the real deal! Why do we hide? For some, it’s easier, safer and more comfortable to put up…

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