Stop hiding

Being authentic is a very attractive quality but sharing our true selves can leave us feeling exposed. It takes commitment and courage to be genuine. My advice is to embrace your uniqueness, take a risk, stand out and be the real deal!
Why do we hide?
For some, it’s easier, safer and more comfortable to put up a façade. Consciously or unconsciously we can be trying to live up to others expectations – whether those expectations actually exist or not!
Comparing ourselves to and copying others is a no win situation. When we are trying to be someone else we lose what is special and unique about us. In the pursuit to be like others we lose our authenticity and become a counterfeit copy. An imitation is never as valuable as the real thing. Those who walk their own path are believable, trustworthy and stand out with uniqueness. And in a world of sameness and fitting in – that’s priceless!
Decide what’s important to you – your values, your true north and be on your way.
Here are some tips to be true:
1. Embrace your uniqueness – love you – warts and all!
2. Don’t hide – live life to the fullest!
3. Take a risk – be courageous and STOP playing safe!
4. Stand out – don’t fit in to others expectations!
5. Be the real deal – live your core values everyday!
This is what leaders do. Revealing the authentic you is attractive and very fulfilling. That’s when you know you are making your unique contribution to our planet. 

If you’re feeling a little fearful around taking responsibility, not sure how to plan ahead in this current continued uncertainty, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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Christina Joy