How to react to failure

Any journey to success is about progress. But our progress relies heavily on the way we react to failure. Those that have reached success know it’s all about what you learn from your failures that matters.
Thought leader Dr. Jason Fox in his book The Game Changer  helps us to think about motivation, progress and change with strategy and design. His fresh approach looks at how to solve any motivation challenge, to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen.
I love Jason’s thinking that success should never be the focus as it can create a culture of intolerance to failure. He shares that failure and mistakes are a necessary part of any exploration, innovation and improvement. And my favourite line from Jason’s book…progress is the only thing that matters. Perfection, productivity, efficiency – all of these are secondary.
As parents we celebrate the joys and successes. Some days feel rewarding and truly successful, while some days it’s easy to feel defeated. When we understand that failure is a necessary part of any path of improvement we learn to be ok with the setbacks and to focus on the overall progress. Progress over perfection is the focus.
Remember, failure is feedback and progress is the game!

If you’re feeling a little fearful around taking responsibility, not sure how to plan ahead in this current continued uncertainty, and ready to turn the page in 2021 and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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Christina Joy