Overcome Intertia and DO THE WORK!

I’ve noticed that many people don’t realise what it actually takes to create the outcomes they want. Successful people just get on with the job and DO THE WORK! They don’t always tell you how hard they work and on top of that they sometimes make it look easy! But the truth is that success requires a massive amount of hard work.

As a Thought Leaders Mentor I work with speakers, trainers, mentors, coaches, authors and consultants to position themselves as an expert and known for what they know. As their journey begins I like to share advice I received from my mentor Matt Church – founder of Thought Leaders Global. I share the five keys to becoming a Million Dollar Expert….

  1. Do the Thought Leadership
Trust the System
  3. Obsess about positioning
  4. Overcome inertia
  5. Believe!

The path to success can be riddled with self-doubt so surround yourself with brilliant people who can teach you and hold that belief in you until the evidence of success shows up. This helps you to get going, keep up the momentum and DO THE WORK.
My advice to those starting out (and those on the way) is not to delay. I’ve seen too many people struggle in later life and wish they had started earlier. Time waits for no one – each day spent in inertia is a day not spent working hard on your success.
It’s simple – just DO THE WORK!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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Christina Joy