Fix Messy Overflow!

Many admit to wanting a better life and are aware that change is needed. However, all too often, the problem of capacity comes up. People feel they are too busy with their current workload and can’t add anything else into their day.

The good news is our capacity problem can be solved when we replace ineffective with effective.

This common problem of working long hours with mediocre results and little quality time for self and other important relationships is only exacerbated as we think the solution is to do more. Like a cup that has a maximum capacity – we can’t just keep pouring more and more into our lives or we will cause a messy overflow!

My new clients are often stuck in this situation. They can see that change is needed but can’t quite see how to make a start. We soon establish that their current state of work, while requiring 100% effort or input, is only producing as little as 10% of effective work or output – not so productive!

I help my clients to see that we do not want to add more work but rather replace the ineffective work with effective work.
When we STOP pouring more and more into our lives and replace the ineffective with effective we no longer have a capacity issue – in fact we reach maximum capacity of productivity and fulfilment.

Fix your messy overflow and replace ineffective with effective – live a life that rocks by keeping it clean!

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Christina Joy