Truth or Numb?

Are you ready for my usual feel good newsletter? Not this week! There’s something that needs to be discussed in order to have the best chance of fulfilment and it may not feel good. The World Health Organization reports that 350 million people are suffering from depression. It’s the leading cause of disability worldwide and a major contributor to the global burden of disease. In the western world the standard of living is going up, but the quality of life is going down. Feel good – no! Epidemic – yes!

There is information everywhere – online, in books, at courses and one to ones, where experts try to fight one of the world’s largest, costliest and most harmful health problems. Why, with all this help, are we going backwards in our wellbeing?

I believe problems begin when we hide our truth and numb our pain. Concealing what is really going on and how we are truly feeling is damaging to our wellbeing.

And when we are not fulfilled, in frustration we can turn to addictions – to feel good. The journey from problem to solution gets interrupted with short-term relief, which masks the truth. Relief includes drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and avoidance techniques like procrastination, denial, overeating, oversleeping, oversocialising and overworking.

The reality is that 350 million people worldwide are suffering. The first step to a better quality of life is to uncover our truth and unmask the problem causing the pain and then treat that. We then have a chance of avoiding the interruption of the numbing addictions that prevent us finding solutions to create fulfilment.

Uncovering the truth is where fulfilment begins.

Easy – no! Simple – yes!

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