Number One Priority!

Our health, both physical and mental, has a big influence on our fulfilment. In good health we can live the life we want, for as long as possible. But it’s often not until our health fails us that we really appreciate what’s at stake and then give our health the respect it deserves. Good health, when kept as the number one priority, gives us choices for life.

No one would dispute that health should be number one priority. While many agree health is important, their actions towards living a healthy life are below par. So why do many make lifestyle choices that don’t support them?

When I sit with my clients and complete an assessment to establish their fulfilment rating across all areas of their life, health is most often an area that is drained. Further analysis reveals that this can sabotage other aspects like wealth and relationships.

On the surface poor health may seem to be due to bad nutrition, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise, too much stress or not enough sleep. But by going deeper and discovering what lies beneath these poor choices – the why we make these choices, we can turn our health into our number one priority.

Are you putting your health before everything else each day? Do you have a morning routine that reflects how important your health is?

Maintaining good health as your number one priority is an important responsibility – one that gives choices for life!

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Christina Joy