Expire The Old Stuff!

There’s no denying that life can sometimes offer up some tough blows. However our personal effectiveness can be like insurance against the tough stuff. Without this we get stuck and find it hard to move forward and live the life we want. Moving forward means realising that we may need to put an expiry date on old stuff.

Like the expiry date on a passport or driver’s license or the use-by date on grocery items there are areas in our lives where we need to renew, replenish or throw out those things that have expired. When something is no longer working to support you to lead the life you want or there is no longer satisfaction guaranteed, it’s time to accept that the expiry date has arrived.

I have observed that those clients who put an expiry on their old ways of thinking or behaving take the greatest steps forward.

They expire habits, practices and mindsets that don’t support where they want to be in life like:

Low value tasks
Doing work they don’t love
Hanging with wrong people
Comparing themselves to others
Worrying what others think
Being a victim or persecutor (e.g. blaming parents or others)
Repeating old stories
Making excuses
Playing safe to avoid failure

Essentially they put an end to their old life to make way for a new fulfilled life and their personal effectiveness becomes the bridge between the two.
There’s only one date for expiring the old stuff and to start living a life that rocks – that’s today!

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Christina Joy