How To Have It All

“Having It All” may sound like a ridiculously high aim. At times in our lives, this possibility could appear close, and other times, it may seem unreachable. Often, it’s not something we even think of wishing for.

Having it all is about finding ACHIEVEMENT AND FULFILMENT across all areas of life. And yes, it is achievable.

What’s really going on?

In the Western world our standard of living continues to improve with better food, clothing, housing, medical services, education, travel, technology, entertainment, and career opportunities. But human stress and suffering is increasing; in our homes, next door, in our businesses, and around the world. We have so many choices, and we still want more – more money, more things, more knowledge, more success, more respect… but particularly, we want to be happier.

Working parents are doing it especially tough – struggling under great pressure from juggling work and family life – pulled physically, psychologically, emotionally, and financially.

What’s NOT the solution?

Most work longer hours to try to meet all the commitments or to get ahead. Increased choice and demands brings increased stress and more conflict between work and family life. This daily ritual is overwhelming. The World Health Organization reports on the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety.

The Solution

Personal Effectiveness is the solution to having it all and getting more of what you want at work and in life, by learning;

*The mechanics of productivity
*The mastery of fulfilment


  • The WHO                 – Taking Responsibility        –  DECISION
  • The WHY                 –  Finding Clarity                 –  DIRECTION
  • The WHAT               –  Making Choices                –  DIRECTION
  • The HOW                 –  Driving Productivity          –  DISCIPLINE
  • The BIGGER WHY     –  Discovering Purpose        –  DESTINATION


My 2 Wishes 

  1. To show, through my insights in this weekly newsletter, that this idea of having it all is a real possibility for you, and that all it takes to get you there is some new knowledge, skills and the right actions.
  2. That once you are living this new fulfilled life of having it all, it will inspire those close to you to see this possibility for their own lives – a ripple affect to our families, friends, work places, communities, and on the world.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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