Patterns Worth Repeating!

We all have patterns of behaviour – some serve us and some don’t. Sometimes our patterns can lead us away from fulfilment. The solution is to ramp up those behaviour patterns that help us and sever those that don’t!

First Step: Awareness   

We can get so caught up in the day that we exist almost unconsciously; unaware of how our actions are knitted into patterns. Complete this helpful exercise plotting your life events on a timeline.

1995          2000         2005    2010    2011
School Uni       Employment    Relationship    Children

Describe your life at each point in time – give details of your mental and physical health, relationships and wealth. Score how you were feeling at each point.

How was I emotionally/psychologically/physically/financially out of 10?

Recall the times when you scored a 9 or 10 – what were the patterns or habits you had then? Do you still have them? Mark out the tough times – what were your patterns and habits and more importantly are you still carrying them? Ask yourself if these patterns are helpful or hold you back.

Second Step: Responsibility

Much of our day is pattern driven so it’s helpful to be aware of our unconscious actions. What patterns are draining or sustaining you? It’s time to decide – will you release negative patterns and replace them with positive patterns – the habits that help?

Third Step: Action

Awareness without action accomplishes nothing. What are you prepared to do to break those patterns that aren’t supporting you to live a life that rocks? Ramp up your positive patterns and create the life you truly value!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!™

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