Wishing wells

Do you sometimes wish for a better life — that your current reality is different — and hope that someday things might change? Problems can arise when our wishing and hoping becomes a habit of inaction that keeps us in fantasyland. Wishing can become like a waiting game and those who wish wait longer than those who decide and take action. Wishing can be a place to hide from the work that needs to be done to live your best life.

It doesn’t mean we don’t wish. It just means we need to take the next step, to decide and to take action to make our wishes a reality — to take responsibility. We decide to get the things done that matter — the things we really desire. When you think or say “I wish”, or “I hope” or “I’m dreaming of the day”, remind yourself that few wishes, hopes or dreams come true without action. Instead say, “I have decided” or “I will”.

And although belief is the first step towards making those wishes come true, belief is also essential to drive you to the finish line. Without belief we can’t get moving, as belief is what gives the next superpower of conviction, its get up and go stamina!

Go back to all those Wishing Wells and take ownership of your past wishes. They may be hard to reach, if not forgotten. Pull them out, dust them off and take action. Those who wish wait longer than those who decide.

Live the wish — don’t wait!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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Christina Joy