Vision to reality

Since I was a young child I loved to play the game of make-believe. Playing dress-ups and choosing to be someone different for a time was so much fun. I began to realise that you could use your imagination and feel the joy of a different reality in all areas of your life. But what was most evident was how it helped me to make that vision a reality.

At 10 years of age, I remember sitting on morning school parade. The highlight was seeing the school marching band come in — with all their instruments. But it wasn’t the band I admired — it was the drum majorette. She was the leader of the marching band and I sat and imagined what it would be like to hold that position, to hold the baton, marching in formation with everyone following, blowing the whistle and shouting out the next tune.

So I visualised myself as the drum majorette, used positive delusion as my fuel, and got to work first learning the easiest instrument in the band — the fife. I practiced hard — still feeling the joy of what it would be like to be the leader. Even as a child I had self- doubt along the way, but kept my sight on the vision. I learned the fife, progressed to flute and eventually became the drum majorette! I understood the joy and the power of visualisation.

And so I continued to create new realities with the knowledge of how to make things happen. The more I did this and started to see vision without proof change to vision with proof, the more this became a part of life.

Here are some early examples:

  • At age 14, I started martial arts in karate and visualised wearing a black belt — reached 1st Dan black belt at 16.
  • At age 15, I auditioned for the school musical — visualised being the lead on stage — was lead in Gilbert and Sullivan Patience.
  • At age 17, I moved out of home with no job and with no house furnishings — visualised a full apartment of my own things — realised this within months.

During my real estate career my team and I decided we would win an award — visualised us receiving it — we won it at the Australasian Real Estate Awards.

And in my personal life I did this with health, relationships, holidays, wealth and so on. The more I used it the bigger the vision became — the evidence gave me confidence and belief.

What vision can you make a reality with visualisation?

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