Uncovering truth

The “I’m fine” statement and the thinking that supports it can encourage us to avoid the specific areas that need attention. Problems begin when we hide our truth and numb our pain. In the short-term this cover-up provides some relief, but the long-term effects of anesthetising what’s really going on can be harmful. Fear is often the reason for the masquerade — disguising problems prevents us from finding solutions. Concealing what is really going on and how we are truly feeling is damaging to our well-being.

Uncovering the truth is where fulfilment begins and it’s what True Believers do. Uncovering the truth is where the magical tipping points can be found. Life goes by so fast that we can sometimes forget who is in the driver’s seat. It’s important to press Pause, take our foot off the accelerator and check in to see what’s going on and, perhaps, update our planned trip.

It’s time to identify where you are now on the growth ladder. Here are the eight growth stages — where are you at now?

True Believers
The True Believer uses the three superpowers of belief, conviction and commitment to reach fulfilment. And although this final step on the growth ladder may not necessarily be easy, the way to get there is simpler than you think. True Believers are loyal and dedicated to a cause they truly believe in. True Believers commit to finish, and as a result deliver on the promises they make to themselves. They attract other True Believers who live with the same sense of purpose and fulfilment. When these tribes form, the collective contribution creates a powerful increase in consciousness — turning cultures and communities around. If you have made it already, a huge congratulations — welcome to the Tribe!
Where are you on the ladder?

Now it’s time to start a new growth chapter in your life. Don’t settle or stagnate — there is always room for improvement. Don’t think, “I’m fine’ and make no changes.

Any pause, to see opportunity, is wasted without the action that’s required next.

Create a life you truly value by reflecting on the past and being a powerful creator of a 2020 you’ve chosen. Let me help you, click here to find out how.

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