Tipping points to transformation

A tipping point is defined as an issue or a series of changes that becomes significant enough and crosses a critical point to cause a larger impact or change. Many in their lives will escape these critical points and remain constant without much change. For some though, these tipping points, although often painful, create the greatest positive transformations.

I’ve had a few major tipping points in the last 8 years. I’m the kind of girl who has always gone for what she wants — heaps of belief, conviction and commitment — a serial True Believer. There’s so much I am grateful for and like many there’s been some successful failures along the way — lots of valuable life lessons. I’ve been climbing the ladder of success in business for over 25 years and a mum for 23 years.

As a working mum there was much hard work but the rewards were there. And for decades I’ve had loads of conviction that provided the stamina to keep going towards different visions. But there have been a few times where my dream would not keep. The reality was that it was time to stop dreaming the dream. It wasn’t going to happen. Although many would say my life looked picture perfect at these times — I was still living the wrong picture. I was living someone else’s picture. On these occasions I had to regain ownership of my frame – my own life masterpiece.

But like many with strong conviction in the beginning I ignored this truth and hoped it would just go away. Of course it doesn’t go away. Working harder was what I chose next at the time — a short-term fix to numb the pain. I just kept saying “I’m fine”. But there was a truth I was ignoring until the tipping point arrived – a point that changes the game. I made a decision not to be passive — not to settle — but to create my own life masterpiece.

And these tough times can be the greatest tipping points in our life — the pain can wake us up to the truth we had been ignoring and forces us to make a few overdue decisions.

What we do next in these challenging times is crucial to our success.

Have you got the courage to let life lessons be your transformation?

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