The only option

Life is full of highs and lows – but let’s hope more highs. In the last few years was there a tough period for you – a time when you were down in the dumps? Maybe you’re still doing it tough. Unfortunately the events, which determine these tough times, can sometimes be out of our control. What is in our control is how we choose to move forward after the tough time – how we decide to recover.

When setbacks happen it’s important to handle them quickly. If we stay down in the valley for too long, it becomes a difficult place to leave and a safe place to stay. We linger in the tough times when the fear to act is greater than the discomfort of not acting. However some incredibly courageous decisions can happen in the tough times.

I’ve seen many people at their lowest point find the greatest and most unexpected gifts through their setbacks. Failures and setbacks may teach you valuable lessons that you might never have learnt otherwise. I say may because too often we don’t learn from where we have been. Learn and grow from your setbacks to find life’s supreme gifts.

As we are pulled, pushed and stretched, setbacks followed by a quick recovery strengthen and builds our resilience. Resilience is what keeps us from staying down in the valley for too long and where you decide to make recovery the only option!

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Christina Joy