The fear behind the inaction

Numbing our psychological pain protects us from feeling hurt. Although in the short term this cover-up provides some relief, in the long run the effects of anesthetizing what’s really going on can be harmful. Fear is often the reason for the masquerade – disguising problems and preventing us from finding solutions, leading us often paralysed with inaction.

At times, we don’t realise that we are living in fear: fear of not having enough money, being alone, not being loved, being rejected, losing our job, failure and even success. Sometimes our calm exterior hides the fear inside and we sabotage our success. We then start to make excuses like “I’m too busy” – a cover-up for “I’m not prepared to face what’s behind the fear.”

What are you using to numb the pain? Alcohol, drugs, over socialising, oversleeping, overeating or maybe working too much. Do you need some help and new skills to face the fear and take the action action.

In the Leading Women Program we check-in regularly to see what the roadblocks are to taking the right action. It’s not until we uncover the fear behind our inaction that we STOP the masquerade and get on with living a better life!

Uncover the fear behind the inaction to powerfully progress.

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Christina Joy