The answer to weak motivation

We strive to get things done, cross off the to do list – to be repeated the next day. Have you ever thought about those who turn up daily with unusually high amounts of energy, optimism, self-discipline, persistence and often courage? These people think, speak and act differently. Their difference is their purpose and this resoluteness is driving them further and faster. A strong purpose is the answer to weak motivation.

Find your true path

What drives you? What’s your compelling reason – the why you do what you do? It’s a BIG question and one that often gets put in the too hard basket.

The first step to discovering your true path is asking a few questions:
* What’s really important to you?
* How would you spend your days if you had financial freedom?
* What gets your heart racing – what’s your passion?
* What do others compliment you for?
* If today were your last day – what would you do?

Now head this up “ My Values List” and maybe even read it every morning. When we focus on what we value and have a purpose each day we are moving ahead in a valued direction. So rather than just getting things done – we are getting the things done that really matter.

The humble bee – whose purpose is the simple act of pollinating plants by collecting nectar, has a BIG purpose. Without this tiny creature we would starve. The food we need is a result of the hard, purposeful work of these insects. No pollination – no more plants, no plants and the animal kingdom collapses – that’s a pretty BIG purpose I’d say!

Like the bee, you too can live with purpose and have an important place in the world. Let’s not undervalue the power of one individual’s impact on the world.

We all have a BIG purpose – sometimes it’s just waiting to be discovered!

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