The 4 D’s that matter

Self-doubt can paralyse and hold us back from finding fulfillment. The surest way to manage self-doubt is to move forward and take action despite our negative mindset.

Believe it’s possible, allow self-doubt to exist and act anyway.

There are four steps to help cure mental paralysis – these are the 4 D’s that matter:

1. DECIDE what you want
2. Act with DISCIPLINE regardless of self-doubt
3. Keep moving in the DIRECTION aligned with your values
4. Focus on your DESTINATION daily!

Even when we know what we want stress can sometimes overwhelm us and “freeze” our ability to achieve. As we push through our fear a new mental state can emerge bringing with it greater conviction and DETERMINATION – there are many D’s that matter.

It’s not self-belief that’s essential to success – it’s having the courage to act in the face of self-doubt until self-belief turns up.

Self-belief is a by-product of taking action!

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Christina Joy