Take that responsibility

The way you live each day from the moment you wake up is your choice. You have freedom of choice.

Do you agree with this statement? Consider your thoughts on this.

In your current situation, you may not feel like you have choices but we can all choose to either take responsibility and action or remain in fear, being passive and settling for the way things are.

It’s your choice!

Like planting seeds – you choose what you want to nurture and grow until it’s time to harvest. The seeds are your choices and what you do with those choices determines the quality of your life. As the late Zig Ziglar said “Every choice you make has an end result.” Consider the impact of your choices on where you are now or where you would like to be.

Living in the Western world, there are so many choices and the desire to have it all can mean making a decision can be confusing, stressful and time consuming. With the potential for being overwhelmed, more than ever we have to make a careful choice and a quick choice. Careful and quick may seem conflicting – but too often we take so long deciding. The longer we take to choose, the longer we remain in our current situation.

A choice to consider

We are faced with choices every day. Here’s one to consider. Will you repeat old stories and follow the old patterns or will you choose to begin each day taking full responsibility for your end results? I believe choosing not to repeat old stories has a huge effect on your results throughout your life. At the Leading Women Events, we showcase results of women who have taken responsibility for their life. These women understand that how to live each day is a choice and they take that responsibility.

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®
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Christina Joy