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De-cluttering is a key productivity tool but it’s also an essential life fulfillment tool. Decide what clutter needs to be removed and see the unpolluted path ahead. Without this clean living the navigation of obstacles will potentially draw on time and energy – two precious resources. Successful people de-clutter emotionally, psychologically and physically – regularly.

It’s time to pave the way to success by spring-cleaning your life. When heading in a valued direction clear the passageway to your destination. Like a pregnant woman who knows the baby is coming she gets to work and spring-cleans the house, we too need to get to work and go through every area of life and get sorted!

In order to move forward ensure the environment is right. Getting really organised is paramount. When there is an obstacle in the way, you have to go around it, climb over it, go under it or move it — all productivity suckers. Clear the barriers to success and fulfillment.

Identify the physical, mental and emotional clutter and remove it once and for all. Write the list. But make sure you finish cleaning up one mess before you start on another as sometimes the act of cleaning up has an initial even messier period. Once this mess is out of mind and sight we can think, see and act more effectively and get to the next clean up that’s waiting.

Don’t delay, clean up your life quickly so you can get onto the things that really matter — clutter free!

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