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Each event in life has the possibility of sustaining or draining us. And although there are many factors that affect our well being our emotions are good barometers of how we are going. When emotions appear – take notice, ask questions and see what is behind the emotion.
When we are feeling optimistic, enthusiastic and achieving, we have the desire to keep going and this contributes to being sustained. When we are tired, sad, angry, fearful or worried, this is draining. A long period of being drained prevents us from being fulfilled and can lead to serious health problems. 
The World Health Organization reports that mental illness, and primarily depression, is the leading cause of disability worldwide. And more women are affected than men. Something needs to change – fast!
What’s not the solution is to underestimate the harm of long-term negative emotions by ignoring them, working longer and numbing the pain. Solutions start when we are honest and courageous enough to identify the problems – to uncover the truth behind the emotions and fix what needs fixing. I recommend doing the Sustained or Drained questionnaire, in How To Have It All, on a regular basis to see what’s going on. Or, ask yourself: 
I am sad/angry because…
I am scared of…
I resent…
I feel guilty because…
I feel worried about…
Next time you are feeling emotional, it’s time to ask yourself what’s going on, is there something that needs fixing? Is your current situation sustainable?

If you’re feeling a little fearful around taking responsibility, not sure how to plan ahead in this current continued uncertainty, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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