Superpowers for success

All day we strive to get things done, to cross things off the To-Do list and all to be repeated the next day. But have you ever thought about those who turn up daily with unusually high amounts of energy, optimism, self-discipline, persistence and courage? These people think, talk, walk and act differently — they have mastered the superpowers for success.

How do you show up each day? Are you enthusiastic and driven or perhaps lacking a zest for life or some oomph? Some say that nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm — it’s the key to attracting what you desire. In fact the energy that comes from enthusiastic people can be difficult to resist — their joy is contagious. You can receive a jolt of gusto just by being around these high energy people. They stay optimistic and when they get knocked down or rejected they get back up quickly. But what creates such success?

There are three superpowers for gigantic success — powers that strengthen us in the face of our own or others’ pessimism, apathy, indifference, doubt, fear or tiredness and keeps our enthusiasm for life:

1. belief
2. conviction
3. commitment

These superpowers allow us to push through to our desired destination. Not believing something is possible, not progressing and not finishing is what Kryptonite is to Superman — it will bring you to your knees and take your power away.

Living life with a strong purpose creates enthusiasm and this is where your belief, conviction and commitment superpowers lie.

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Christina Joy