Stay out of drama

Being in drama about what has gone on in the past can prevent you from moving forward. Being in drama uses up time and energy and can also prevent the growth required. By staying out of drama we can increase our productivity in a massive way — giving us many more effective hours in our day.

Drama that causes us to bring up the past or worry over the future in either our thoughts, conversation and actions may include:

  • a relationship
  • an event
  • a situation
  • a job.

How much of your day is taken up with the following?

  • blaming
  • gossiping
  • judging
  • criticising
  • complaining
  • feeling sorry for yourself
  • worrying
  • trying to solve others problems without addressing your own.

Imagine all the minutes of drama that add up to hours and hours every day. It’s not just the effect the drama has on us but also the effect it has on others around us.

All of these negative behaviours of playing persecutor, victim or rescuer, keep us focused on what has gone on before or what may be in the future.

People who live in drama often do so to avoid what is really going on right now in their own lives. By focusing on others or situations (gossiping, blaming, worrying) it temporarily takes the focus off them.

True Believers are so focused on making their vision a reality and they stay out of drama.

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