Show you have the solutions

When it comes to business there is nothing more important than having our prospective clients trusting that we can solve their problems. We need to know what problems the people we serve have.

I’ve been in business for over 25 years and this is the key to more successful outcomes. Your ability to thoroughly explore this area with your client is critical and I know this is what determines those who will make more sales.

When you step out with conviction and state what you believe, some will follow and some won’t. The ones that will follow you are the ones that matter. This way you get to work with people who want you to help and have more commitment.

There is no point even beginning to talk about our many solutions — the how — until we have addressed all of the concerns, worries, doubts, fears and problems. I think we start with solutions far too early and don’t spend enough time on the problems, and this often ends in no sale.

We must get better at leaving no stone unturned when it comes to seeking and understanding the problems our clients have and responding with compassion. If this is done well, in many cases they will ask you how they can work with you before you get a chance to invite. Showing others that you have the solutions to their problems is a key factor in increasing your success rate and creating many happy clients.

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Working this way may be the best solution to your current problems.

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