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Decisions have been made, you know what you want and the stage is set for success. Or is it? Deciding what you want and setting goals is often a step taken. For many, however, the goals set are never realised. I believe there is a more effective way to commit to a life that rocks by using an alternative to goal setting.

I’m a goal setter from way back. My family, teams and clients and I have kicked a lot of personal and business goals. But as time passed I saw that setting and achieving a goal does not necessarily bring fulfilment. In fact I saw a lot of high achievers who were not happy or fulfilled because, at some point as they climbed the ladder of success, fulfilment had escaped them. I did that for years but have now learnt a better way.

I’ve felt that ‘ouch’ myself, and it was a painful but a great tipping point. As a result I teach an alternative to goal setting that delivers life-changing results. Fulfilment comes from moving forward in a direction aligned with our values — setting what I call value-based directions rather than goals.

I discovered through this life changing exercise:

  • If you want achievement set goals.
  • If you want achievement and fulfilment set value-based directions.

So back to the beginning – if every action starts with a decision, moving forward needs to start with making decisions aligned with your values. And as Roy Disney said, “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

A goal achieved will get things done but a value-based direction will get the things done that matter.

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