Respecting the opinion of others

As a child, and as an adult, we just want to be loved, we often want approval and the non-believer in us or in others can quickly hurt our belief, conviction and commitment — if we allow it. We need to expect and accept that non-believers are all around us and always will be.

Do you sometimes think that the person closest to you is the reason you have not achieved your dreams and your potential? And if this person were more positive or supportive, that your life would be different? Whether it be a husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, colleague or boss if we don’t accept others for who they are and for the opinions they hold, we can label them as non-believers and damage potentially meaningful and long-term relationships. Some say that it’s none of our business what others think of us. True Believers are okay with the fact that some won’t believe in what they are trying to achieve.

Warning: Don’t be confused about honest feedback from good advisors who have walked the path you want to walk, treating it as negative and thereby ignoring it. Sometimes the truth hurts and we can label these honest advisors as non-believers, when in fact they are our greatest fans. And this applies to loving relationships too.

Acceptance of others and respect for their opinions, remaining grateful and showing kindness, are hallmarks of quality, long-term, fulfilling relationships. And best of all you are left with an abundance of energy to focus on creating the best possible you!

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Christina Joy