Overcoming tough times

We all have our share of tough times. Why is it that when the going gets tough, the tough get going? On the other side of the tough stuff there can be amazing growth and outcomes.

There are many stories of True Believers who have created their own success masterpiece in spite of setbacks. We don’t always hear their back-story and lessons learned. Their setbacks can give valuable insights and inspiration.

Sylvester Stallone was born in New York City. Due to a difficult birth in which he was delivered by forceps, Stallone was left with facial injuries and impaired speech. Although his injuries were only physical, people treated him as though he was stupid because of the way he spoke and his downturned mouth.

He had known his whole life that he wanted to be in the movie business. Stallone had many setbacks, as jobs did not come easily. He was told over and over that he would never make it.

Stallone established worldwide recognition as an actor, writer and director in his own screenplay of Rocky, which won three Academy Awards. According to the World Wide Box Office the first Rocky movie grossed over $200 million dollars and the gross receipts from the six Rocky films have totalled over $1.126 billion – listing it in the top five movies of all times! Stallone didn’t let setbacks stop him from achieving great things.

True Believers have had their share of tough stuff and activate five special qualities. They:

  1. expire the old stuff
  2. undress their ambition
  3. feel success in advance
  4. cringe at excuses
  5. expect the setbacks.

True Believers overcome the tough times and keep going!

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