Move up the growth ladder

Dr Carol Dweck’s work on growth and fixed mindsets shows that those who have a fixed mindset settle for a life they think they’re stuck in. Those with a growth mindset understand that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity for new learning.

Although we can sometimes find ourselves at the bottom of the growth ladder, we can always grow and move up — if you choose.

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Are you currently a non-believer? Non-believers:

Lack purpose
Their why and what are not aligned. They have lost a sense of why they do what they do — they are not focusing on their values.

Lack conviction
They lack a vision for a better life and lack conviction. Without a strong belief and a target to aim for there is no passion, stamina or resilience.

Lack inspiration
They lack inspiration and motivation, unable to visualise a desirable destination. They lack enthusiasm for life.

Rarely finish
They don’t deliver on their promises and so rarely finish what they start. They are not dependable and can be undisciplined.

Are inconsistent
They are inconsistent — with only bursts of belief, conviction and commitment. Their lack of clarity sabotages their success.

Are drained
They lack self-respect and do not look after themselves. Health is not a priority.

Are pessimistic
They sabotage their success with destructive self-talk. It’s the poor quality thoughts that make them non-believers.

Are paralysed by doubt
With every belief comes a constant stream of doubt. They lack courage and confidence as a result of not managing doubt.

Now for the good news, it’s a ladder. Don’t stay down, do the work and move UP!

Choose growth!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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