It starts with 100% commitment

Imagine life to be a game and you are a player. Are you set up for a successful finish? It takes a certain physical and mental condition to get in the game, to play the game and to stay in the game. You need to be match-fit.

For a few decades now I have chosen to play the game of life all out. And for the last six years I have been playing a very fulfilling game, applying the Thought Leaders methodology to my practice. Playing that game and moving from White Belt to Black Belt started with a decision to commit 100% to reaching my first Black Belt year – that year was 2013.

There are hundreds of components to success but I have no doubt that being match-fit is key – to get you there faster, with less ups and downs, to increase your endurance to stay in the game and take it to another level if you choose.

It’s not just professional sportspeople who know the importance of being match-fit. As a speaker, mentor, author, mum, and professional juggler I am convinced that looking after yourself and getting match-fit is where it’s at. I see 100% commitment to fitness in direct correlation to commitment to the game of life.

Sustainable success starts with 100% commitment to the game – the game of life!

Get fit and play it all out!
Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®

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Christina Joy