Having it all

Is it really possible to have it all? There are many challenges if having it all is the choice you make. It is interesting to consider exactly what each individual decides having it all is. Having it all may sound like a ridiculously high aim. At times in our lives this possibility could appear close, but at other times it may seem unreachable. Often it’s not something we even think of wishing for.

In 2012 I devoted six months and 60,000 words to the subject of delivering on the promises you make to yourself in How To Have It All. Having it all is about finding achievement and fulfilment in life.

When it comes to the idea of having it all these questions may arise:
* What would having it all be to me?
* Is having it all really possible?
* Do I give myself permission to have it all?
And finally – for those who want to have it all, are courageous enough, give themselves permission and for those willing to put in the work the final question is:
* How can I have it all?

Having it all is more about self-promise and less about external factors — while of course external factors are the greatest challenge preventing most from having all that they choose.

In How To Have It All I share these 5 steps:

• the who: taking responsibility
• the why: finding clarity
• the what: making choices
• the how: driving productivity
• the bigger why: discovering purpose.

The key factor in having it all is choosing to get the things done that really matter — which in turn allows you to live a life that matters.

Living a life that matters is a choice!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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Christina Joy