Have courage to live your success masterpiece

In order to live with belief, conviction and commitment we must have courage. We must have the courage to create our own masterpiece — not the masterpiece others expect of us. It has to be our own frame and it’s never too late to create a new picture.
No matter what your age or experience, it’s never too late to find a way to spend your days the way you want to. You’ve got to admire those who see something they want and put aside all constraints to go for it – with a decision, action and a bit of courage.

But as we walk forward there are sometimes tough times as others get used to our decisions. The tough times don’t have to last, but the tough people do. Overcoming life’s challenges and curve balls provides enormous strength and resilience. And each time you fuel up with courage and drive forward you gain tools and wisdom to take you through to the next opportunity. Clever people seek to understand what they fear. They know that on the other side of facing their fear lies spectacular growth and results. Rather than living in fear, learn what you are fearful of and take courageous action — it’s the gateway to a fulfilled life.

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Christina Joy