Go in pursuit of what you want

To feel it in advance is one of the five qualities common to True Believers. When we know what we want and have a vision it’s often vision without proof. This is where we use visualisation, a powerful and effective tool, to create a mental image of what we want and feel the emotion as we move closer to it.

When the inevitable doubt does arrive, what helps us to focus is our ability to feel our vision in advance. This quality provides us with the resilience, trust and hope, to manage fear and doubt as we go in pursuit of what we want. Visualisation protects our belief as we bridge the gap between committing to our vision and actually arriving at what we want.

Whether you are trying to create your best health, relationships, lifestyle and even wealth. This powerful skill of visualisation:

* Tests clarity
* Drives productivity
* Maintains motivation
* Provides satisfaction along the way.

Spend a few minutes daily, close your eyes, feel in advance the joy of getting what you want — that you’ve made it! Then open your eyes and do it!

The practice of visualisation — also known as ‘visual mental rehearsal’ changes your biochemistry — it changes you on a cellular level. Try it, feel the feelings of achieving your outcome, flood your body with the emotions, then open your eyes. Notice how different you feel.  And how inspired!

Can you feel it?

More on this at the next Leading Women Event on the 15th of October at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

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Christina Joy