Get fit for the long game

Imagine life to be a game and you are a player. Are you set up for successful match? It takes a certain physical and mental condition to get in the game, to play and stay in the game and to finish the game. You need to be match-fit. There are hundreds of components to success, but I have no doubt that being match-fit is the key to get you there with fewer ups and downs, to increase your endurance and take it to another level — if you choose.

In life we give so much of ourselves to help and support others. Sometimes is it easy to overlook the one person that needs your help and support the most – and that’s you. For most it’s not easy to achieve some “self” time, mainly because of our nature: our nature is to give to others first. We fear being labeled as selfish if we do focus on ourselves.

The act of putting your self first and getting match-fit is not selfish when you understand the benefits, not only to yourself, but those important to you.

It’s not just professional sportspeople who know the importance of being match-fit. Successful people see their commitment to fitness in direct correlation to commitment to the game of life. Being match-fit has many flow-on benefits, including increasing wellness and fulfilment and decreasing stress and anxiety.

True Believers know life is like a marathon. They get fit for the long game. In sprints it’s about who crosses the finish line first, but in marathons it’s about finishing. They may or may not cross the finish line first — but True Believers finish marathons!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All!

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Christina Joy