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Working toward the life you want takes courage, discipline, persistence and commitment. Although moving ahead in the right direction with focus is admirable, sometimes we can become too serious which is not such an attractive quality for success. Sure, success is a serious matter, but the way to serious success can also be fun.

“Have more fun” is not the usual advice given to those on a success mission and neither is it essential to success. But for those who want success more quickly, with fulfilment and sustainable outcomes, my advice is to seek out a fun way to work towards success.

How much fun are you really? On a scale of 1 to 10 what would others say about you? Do you need to fun up a bit?

Here’s why fun is the way to go, fun people:
• are likeable
• are a magnet and attract lots of good stuff
• get invited to the party more often — opportunities galore
• bounce back — resilience brings momentum
• influence — making the world a better place!

And, here’s one that’s no laughing matter. Did you know that scientific evidence points to the fact that laughter — which reduces stress and releases endorphins — helps you live longer? Fun is both prevention and cure.

Remember to enjoy your journey to success — that’s the playground where fun-loving people bounce and laugh as they ride life’s roller coaster. The way to serious success can be fun!

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