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A smart way to create the life you want is to find the FUN in the journey. Beyond a serious and sober existence lies a playground of possibility – it all doesn’t have to be so serious.

Remember the little you in pre-school days – with play time, eat time and sleep time? Your learning and development was done through play. Fast forward – is playtime still there or is it a distant memory? Do weeks pass by with no play, fun or laughter?

Faced with a fork in the road and a choice between a “fun road” or “humdrum road” which would you choose? Do you value fun as a way to high achievement and fulfillment?

I value fun, so I wasn’t surprised when a values inventory given by The Corporate Anthropologist – Michael Henderson identified some of my top values as:

Simplicity/Play: To see simplicity in complexity and take a playful attitude towards organisations and systems that is energising and positive

Fantasy/Play: To enrich personal worth through fantasy and play.

I do seek fun and playfulness over dull routines. Sure, we can reach high achievement but without finding the FUN, fulfillment may escape you.

As a Thought Leaders Mentor, I help clever people be commercially smart. I’m working with people I like, doing work that I like, the way that I like. Now that is a FUN journey with a world of new opportunities and attracting others who seek the same.

The bonus is, when we have some fun our energy shifts and that new vibration can attract more of what we want – which is great for business and life.

Choose FUN and be chosen more often!

If you’re feeling a little fearful around taking responsibility, not sure how to plan ahead in this current continued uncertainty, and ready to turn the page in 2021 and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

????????For all the fabulous Leading Women (inclusive to amazing male champions ????), I’m going to present a FREE 1 hour webinar that will show you “Learn how to find the FUN in your success journey” ⏰ It’ll be next Tuesday the 23rd of February at 9:00am AEST (my QLD mates) and that’s 10:00am AEDT (that’s my NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS mates). For my NZ, US & Canada friends I’ve included the times for you below:

⏰ NZST – Tuesday the 23rd of February at 11:00am
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⏰ PT (USA) – Monday the 22nd of February at 3:00pm

???? To access the LIVE webinar plus the recording please join my Leading Women Facebook Group. See you next week. Love to help you make decisions that create a 2021 of UNAPOLOGETIC FREEDOM!

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