Facing fear and tipping points

An issue or a series of changes that become significant enough to cause a large impact defines a tipping point. Many will escape these critical points and remain content without much change. For some, these tipping points, although often painful, can create the greatest transformations.

Think about the events throughout your life that have had considerable impact — those major events that rocked your world — in a good or not so good way. Often these critical points hold considerable pain that can wake us up to the truth we have been ignoring.

About five years ago I was paralysed by fear — knowing that to live in my own true path I would have to leave the family business and work on my own legacy, and this would mean disappointing my dad – the one I looked up to most.

I had to face up to four fears:

First, I feared how much I would disappoint my father if I resigned. I had always looked up to him and wanted his recognition and approval. I had worked for him for 12 years. I felt guilty that I would let him down if I left.

Second, I feared letting go. We worked hard for so long, to create a successful business, team, culture, reputation and we were one of the most profitable offices. I loved working with my team and clients and these fulfilling relationships had been a large part of the job satisfaction for a long time.

Third, I feared losing the high income. My personal income was very high and continued to grow in parallel with the increasing knowledge and its application. We had five properties with mortgages, two kids at private school and all the other living expenses of a family.

And finally, I feared that if I didn’t make the change to create the work and life I knew I wanted, there would be greater negative effects on me than those I was worried about facing if I resigned.

I found the courage and made the decision to change my life. On the eleventh of April 2011 I resigned. The hardest words to say were, “Dad, I’m leaving”. Needless to mention, he was shocked and devastated. The superpower of commitment to my vision had been with me for 12 years and by resigning I knew that I would maintain my commitment to what I valued — my own legacy.

Although this was one of the most painful points in my life, I came to realise that it was, in fact, a gift! Tipping points are common, just not talked about a lot. What we do in these challenging times is crucial to our success.

Some of the greatest accomplishments and progress come from the events that shake us enough to cause a tip toward positive change – when we are courageous and face those fears.

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Christina Joy