Delivering on the promises

When we feel in advance what we really want, and feel it with emotion, it fast tracks our success and becomes a major driving force. True Believers also use the superpowers of belief, conviction and commitment to make their dreams a reality. And the commitment stage is where you finally deliver on the promises you make to yourself.

When I launched my thought leaders practice as a speaker, author and mentor in 2012, the evidence of success began to arrive, and at that point I knew that I was at the stage of commitment:

  • commitment to living my success masterpiece – to no regrets
  • commitment to taking responsibility — to reject excuses
  • commitment to staying focused — to find clarity
  • commitment to being productive — to get things done that matter
  • commitment to deliver on the promises made – to self.

As a result, in 2014 – two and a half years after I launched my practice I was:

  1. creating my own intellectual property
  2. doing work I love, with people I like, the way I wanted
  3. an author of two books
  4. a black belt, earning more than $720,000 per year
  5. an Accredited Thought Leaders Mentor
  6. a Thought Leaders Global Partner.
  7. raising consciousness on the planet as a speaker and mentor
  8. helping people be commercially smart
  9. inspired by the company I keep!

And I am full of gratitude. Results like these don’t come without the teachings, support and accountability from the brilliant and generous advisors and supporters in my life, like Matt Church – the founder of Thought Leaders and Peter Cook – the CEO of Thought Leaders, and all the Faculty of Thought Leaders Business School. I am so grateful for the people who have supported this work – a wonderful tribe of True Believers who have contributed to this Black Belt success:

  • family and rock star friends
  • awesome advisors and support team
  • clients who keep committing to their own success.

But of course, like any big dream of a better life, at the beginning we can be riddled with self-doubt. That’s totally ok when you have great people around you to hold the vision until the evidence of success shows up and to show you the way.

P.S. If you would like the guidance and support to create your own successful practice as a thought leader – here’s how we can help.


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