Daily gratitude

Being grateful is the first step to keeping what you want to keep in your life. If we focus on what we do have at the start of each day, it has an enormously positive impact on our day ahead. Remember, the trick is to begin each day spending a few minutes giving gratitude within minutes after you wake — while you are still lying in bed.

What are you grateful for?

Of course this list may change daily, but let’s decide what we are grateful for today?

My What-I–am-Grateful-For List


Here is mine for today:

What I am grateful for

1.  my health
2.  all the love in my life
3.  laughter
4.  the sun shining
5.  the view from my writing desk
6.  doing the work I love, the way I love
7.  my tribe — working with people I love
8.  my ability to accept others for how they are
9.  courage to live the life I choose
10. how my kids look out for each other

There are many moments during the day when my heart is full of gratitude and I have to share these grateful feelings with others. I will often make a phone call, or meet up in person, or send a text to someone who is in my heart — letting them know how grateful I am for them being on the journey with me. Don’t keep it a secret — share your gratitude for others with them — daily!

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