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So what stops us from taking action? It’s often fear that stops us from acting. We don’t act in order to avoid hearing the “no” or to avoid failure and rejection.

A University of California survey reports that on average a child less than one year old will hear the word “no” 400 times a day! The number is high as they often hear it a few times in a row — no, no, no! And by the time we are five we hear the word more than 40, 000 times. That’s a word we are very familiar with and one as adults we can be scared of.

True Believers are more resilient to the no’s and rejection and are less fearful in asking for what they want. For the True Believer a no received can be reframed as a not yet, as they focus on the belief that one day they will get a yes. Rather than giving up after hearing a no, it’s about trusting that with more action the vision of what they want will soon become a reality.

In the words of Thomas Edison, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.” True Believers persist and don’t quit.

The tough times don’t have to last but the tough people do. Overcoming life’s curve balls provides enormous strength and resilience. And each time you fuel up with courage and drive forward you gain the tools and wisdom to take you through to the next opportunity.

Clever people seek to understand what they fear. They know that on the other side of facing their fear – of taking courageous action lies spectacular growth and results.

Find the courageous YOU!

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